TPIU Tele conference 29.1.18

Those in attendence were:
Chris, Chic, Cilla, Rick, Marcus and Suzy.

1. B.S.I
Chris and Marcus attended a meeting regarding the final (ish) drafts on the forthcoming European Standard for Tattoo Studios. Expected completion is 12-18 months as guidance not legislation.
We were pleased that this was an opportunity for our members to reconnect with important contacts like Ian Grey, Alan Beswick and Peter Hoffman.
Ian Grey has expressed interest in liasing with us to update the Tattoo Toolkit. Rick to email him and start the ball rolling.

2. Finance
Payments have been made for the domain and upkeep of the website.
Union funds from the GMB are now updating regularly but money is still outstanding. It was suggested we need to meet with Warren Kenny to chase this up and insist on future regular and timely financial statements as they have been late regularly in the past.

3. Membership
One new member this month. We do appreciate we need a new membership drive but need specific areas to work in to attract members which is proving to be difficult. The usual apathy within the industry applies.

4. Four Star Rating Scheme
The Welsh 4 Star Rating Scheme has changed leadership and all seems to have gone quiet. The scheme was launched by CIEH Wales. Licensing is law in Wales now with a time limit of two years to implement it. It was suggested we contact Gavin Williams (Senior EHO).
Chic will email him to introduce himself and re-establish connections between the TPIU, as we think we could gain knowledge for future implications and to have updates on progress with licensing.

5. Advancing technology
Recent advances in machine technology have put into question if the bagging of machines is still necessary as the claims are that these machines can be autoclaved. It was suggested we gather data to find hard evidence to support this idea. Also to give up to date information to EHO’s as to whether this new technology needs to be assessed in different ways.

Next meeting to be arranged for a couple of months time

First Aid Training Course

The TPIU are putting on a First Aid training course on 9.5.2016.
It will be near Sittingbourne Kent (venue tbc).
The cost will be £80 for non members and £70 for members
For further information and bookings please email us at: (Please put First Aid Course in the subject box)

Committee Meeting Minutes – 15 February 2016

1. Waiting (again) for The GMB to tell us how we can get the money owed to us.
Rick has contacted Linda and is waiting for a response.

2. We have agreed to have at least two face to face meetings a year to enable a better exchange of ideas and comments.

3. There are some issues regarding the 4 Star rating scheme. Namely there terms & conditions makes it difficult for part time workers and apprentices to operate. We plan to contact Julie Barratt (CIEH Wales) to discuss these and other problems with her.

4. Continuing problems with membership issues and payments from GMB.
Chris and Rick will schedule a meeting at Hendon.

5. TPIU membership certificates to be sent out on 01/12/16.

6. Chic to put note on web site notifying members that it is there responsibility to update the GMB about any change of address etc.

7. Any members with any issues or projects that the think the TPIU should be getting involved with please forward to the committee.

8. Next first Aid course is scheduled for April (Dates to follow)

9. Cilla to contact Rhonda Valley EHO re: assisting them in changes to by-laws.

10. Rick to follow up on inquiry from a tv production company to see what they propose and to report back to the committee.

Other Business

1. It was decided that it is not for the Union to encourage or discourage members from taking Treatment Insurance.

2. Chris proposed that he joins the CIEH. As a member of the same body that EHO’s belong to, this may assist in future cooperation.

3. Next meeting will be in London, in April, either 11th/12th or 25th. (Date to be confirmed)

Minutes from Committee Meeting – 16 November 2015

• Should the TPI except membership from a cosmetic only tattooist?
The meeting decided unanimously that only mainstream tattooists are welcome as members. However, every case will be taken on its merits.
The main concern in this case was the use of anaesthetics together with no permanent address for the business.

• New membership certificates are at the printers and should be posted this week.
If any member does not receive the certificate please contact the number on the website.

• The TPI have been contacted by various large business concerns who are trying to syndicate and franchise tattoo and piercing studios.
They were told franchising is not possible, we are not interested, the industry isn’t interested and to go away and have nothing to do us in the future.

• The Welsh assembly are changing tattooing and piercing to licensing in the near future.
The Welsh based CIH four star rating scale, partially supported by TPI is been taken up by many councils across the UK. We would like to hear members feedback as to how the scheme is working, so we can steer it in a more professional, industry based direction for the future.

• It is hoped the next National TPIU meeting will be in London on Monday 16 February 2016.
However, this will depend on venue availability and the commitment of members to travel to London.

• Members are advised to comment on the TPI Facebook page and via the TPI website as to their ability to attend the meeting.