Code Of Practice


Over the last year, members of the TPI have been working with Dartford Bourough Council to produce a Code of Practice for Skin Piercing activities (Tattoo, body piercing and acupuncture). All of these practices have the puncturing of the skin and the risks associated with working with Body Fluids (blood and serum etc) in common. So it makes perfect sense for common codes of practice to be in place for the protection of both the practisioner and the client.

The final draft is close to being ready so any members that have not read the document are invited to request a PDF to be sent to them so that their feedback can be taken into account.

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Top Gear Complaint From The TPIU

The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union committee were shocked and dismayed to witness this Sunday’s edition of the popular motoring television show, Top Gear, featuring presenter Jeremy Clarkson driving a 4×4 vehicle over rough ground, while a so called ‘tattooist’ tried to tattoo a clover leaf design onto his friend’s shoulder, with as expected, hockingly poor results.

The issues of this practice are many, and obviously centre around the complete lack of hygiene, care and best practice the tattoo industry is trying very hard to promote, especially given the high level of media interest in tattoos in general at present.

The ‘tattooist’ appeared to be wearing latex gloves, which are not recommended by the TPI, due to Continue reading “Top Gear Complaint From The TPIU”