Minutes from Committee Meeting – 16 November 2015

• Should the TPI except membership from a cosmetic only tattooist?
The meeting decided unanimously that only mainstream tattooists are welcome as members. However, every case will be taken on its merits.
The main concern in this case was the use of anaesthetics together with no permanent address for the business.

• New membership certificates are at the printers and should be posted this week.
If any member does not receive the certificate please contact the number on the website.

• The TPI have been contacted by various large business concerns who are trying to syndicate and franchise tattoo and piercing studios.
They were told franchising is not possible, we are not interested, the industry isn’t interested and to go away and have nothing to do us in the future.

• The Welsh assembly are changing tattooing and piercing to licensing in the near future.
The Welsh based CIH four star rating scale, partially supported by TPI is been taken up by many councils across the UK. We would like to hear members feedback as to how the scheme is working, so we can steer it in a more professional, industry based direction for the future.

• It is hoped the next National TPIU meeting will be in London on Monday 16 February 2016.
However, this will depend on venue availability and the commitment of members to travel to London.

• Members are advised to comment on the TPI Facebook page and via the TPI website as to their ability to attend the meeting.

Your VOTE matters….

The TPIU wants your opinion on the Tattoo Hygiene Rating Scheme.
This was developed by the Welsh Chartered Institute for Environmental Health and is being implemented by councils across the UK. This system will give partaking tattoo studios a rating of one to four stars on hygiene, as long as certain criteria are met.
The executive committee are fundamentally in favour of the TPIU officially supporting this scheme, but want members to vote on it.
YES to support it or NO to not support it.

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New Committee & Latest News

Hello all

The TPIU AGM happened on 29th July 2013 and a new committee was elected and is currently:

    • President: Rik Stevens
    • Vice President: Cilla North
    • Treasurer: Chris Bloomfield
    • Secretary: Caz Old
    • Press Officer: Chic Child

 A lot was also discussed, especially the new operator guidance, recruitment and membership communication. There’s a lot of changes coming and the update of this website is just the start! So stay tuned!

The website should be easier to navigate now, with clearly marked pages for downloads and links, the TPIU ‘about us’ and all sorts of useful information. The TPIU committee are going through the website page by page to make sure it is all as up-to-date and relevant as possible. We know that our communication has needed some work for a while now and are finally getting on top of it all. Our Twitter and Facebook pages are up and running too, so please check them out, and follow and like us there too!


The meeting on 21st January 2013 has been rescheduled. The next meeting is on Monday the 25th of February 12 noon. The Marx Memorial Library, 37A Clerkenwell Green City of London, London, Greater London EC1R 0DU. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend !



Monday 8th of October 2012
12 o clock noon

Marx’s Memorial Library

37a Clerkenwell Green




To discuss a new audit tool, designed to help piercing and tattoo artists when dealing with local environmental health officers by demonstrating good hygiene levels in your studios.

The audit tool has the potential to drastically change how the industry runs itself, how we interact with local government and further impact on the kitchen sink scratchers who damage the industries reputation.

Members old and new please come along to the meeting, have your say and help influence how the TPIU represents you with local and central government.

Tattoo and Body Piercing, Skin Piercing Activities Steering Group.

On Monday the “3rd of April Mark Henderson and Ric Stevens of the T.P.I attended the most recent meeting of the Tattoo and Body Piercing, Skin Piercing Activities Steering Group. They met with members of The Health Protection Agency, (H.P.A) and The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, (C.I.E.H).

The Code of Practice developed by the T.P.I is currently being expanded, this entails all the information it contains being scrutinised with full academic rigour. The final document will be fully referenced and badged by the TPI, HPA, HSL  and the CIEH.

The launch date should be September this year.


26th June 2012  8pm

@ DRAKES 9 Fairmedow Maidstone Kent ME12 1JP



An open invitation for all registered tattoo and piercing professionals to an informal meet and greet.

Lead members of the T.P.I committee will be on hand, to let you know what the union has been doing and what our plans for the future are, as well as to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Find out how you can get involved and have a very real and positive chance to affect the future of our industry.




MEMBERS ONLY ( Except by prior arrangement and invitation.)

The next TPI meeting is Monday 5th March at The Carl Marx library 37A Clerkenwell Green Greater London EC1R 0DU. From 11am till 2.00pm.
It would be fantastic to see some new faces!

The TPI is currently working on a number of national projects, this is a good opportunity to come along, have your say and get involved with helping to shape the future of our industry.