Throughout 2012 the TPIU has continued to assist and support its members with various issues that arise from the day-to-day running of busy studios up and down the country. Such as problems with EHO’s, licensing/registration issues, advising on legal matters etc. as well as offering assistance and advice on studio set up, equipment and ways to improve operational standards.

TheTPIU has liaised closely with the CIEH (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health), HPA (Health Protection Agency) and the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) on the development of the new Operator Guidance document which is due for national release early in 2013. This will be the industry standard and be used by EHO’s across the country to ensure that they’re all working to the same guidelines.

CIEH (Wales) have asked the TPIU to assist and support in a pilot scheme (initially in Wales) which will be a star rating scheme (participation will be voluntary) similar to that which currently operates in food handling businesses. This scheme will enable the public to easily identify studios that achieve high operational standards.

CIEH Wales have also been one of the most active in the country with finding and prosecuting scratchers, which can only be a good thing. This is something that they plan to continue throughout 2013. Remember there is a ‘Scratcher Catcher’ form available to download from the TPIU website. The TPIU have continued to highlight the scratcher/ unlicensed/ unregistered operator issue and are pleased to see this matter finally being taken seriously by the relevant authorities, and we hope to see further action to combat this ongoing problem. There will also be multi-media campaigns to make the public aware of the potential dangers to their health by using unlicensed scratchers.

2013 will herald the start of TPIU run training days and seminars aimed at members of the industry (registered or licensed) who wish to improve their knowledge in various topics surrounding our industry such as, First aid, infection control, record keeping etc.

As always the Union is only as good as its membership. We always need active support and assistance from everyone working in this business, from the receptionist to the cleaner! If you are already a member please try and get along to some meetings and have your say. If you’re not a member, JOIN! Come along and have your say. We are the only organized group of tattoo artists and body piercers that are in a position to really influence the future of our industry.

The TPIU is a democratic trade union. One member one vote.

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