TPIU condemns ‘My Tattoo Addiction” Channel 4 TV documentary

The TPIU joins the majority of the tattoo industry in condemning Thursdays channel 4 ‘educational ‘documentary wholeheartedly.

After several years of hard work in conjunction with government agencies to formulate a ground breaking audit tool, which is due for imminent nationwide release, this programme just served to highlight why such improvements in industry standards are desperately needed.

Bringing poor working practices, poor standards of artwork and people with life issues together to form the basis of ‘education’ is a complete misnomer and simply serves to continue the stereotype which tattooists and tattoos aficionados are striving to distance themselves from.

As usual cheap, sensationalist programme making and lazy journalism is top of the agenda, with absolutely no intention of ‘educating’ anyone.

Channel 4 continues in its quest for gutter press television and yet again succeed to enrage a group of professionals who deserve much more respect for their dedication to their industry and craft.


From the committee of the Tattoo and Piercing Union