Top Gear Complaint From The TPIU

The Tattoo and Piercing Industry Union committee were shocked and dismayed to witness this Sunday’s edition of the popular motoring television show, Top Gear, featuring presenter Jeremy Clarkson driving a 4×4 vehicle over rough ground, while a so called ‘tattooist’ tried to tattoo a clover leaf design onto his friend’s shoulder, with as expected, hockingly poor results.

The issues of this practice are many, and obviously centre around the complete lack of hygiene, care and best practice the tattoo industry is trying very hard to promote, especially given the high level of media interest in tattoos in general at present.

The ‘tattooist’ appeared to be wearing latex gloves, which are not recommended by the TPI, due to the possible health risks associated with latex for the practitioner and client alike. The tattooist was heard to say that he’d hit himself with the needles, obviously subjecting himself to serious risk of infectious diseases, and when the ‘tattoo’ was finished, he appeared to spit on the tissue and wipe the fresh tattoo, again risking infection for the client.

Not content with doing this once, Clarkson went on to repeat the process in another vehicle, attempting to show the ‘smoothness of the ride quality’ between comparable vehicles.

Subjecting the viewer to this twice was unforgivable and will undoubtably result in the usual complaints against tattooing in general and ‘copycat’ idiots attempting the same stunt, with potentially disastrous consequences.

The TPI would expect Top Gear and Mr Clarkson to publicly apologise for this stunt, in a poorly judged bid to maintain viewing figures.