AGM – 28 Nov 2016 – 12 noon – Karl Marx Library, 37A Clerkenwell Green, London EC1R 0DU

About The TPIU

Initially this Union was formed to protect our industry from the attempts that were being made by an organisation called HABIA (Hair & Beauty Industries Authority) and the QCA (Qualifications Curriculum Authority) to introduce NOS (National Occupational Standards) for the Tattoo & Piercing industry.

With a fantastic show of initiative, strength and support, many tattooists and piercers from across the UK got together to form the TPI Union (Tattoo & Piercing Industries Union) and made the impossible happen.

Not only have we beaten all the odds and turned the wolf away from the door, but we have got the largest amount of tattooists and piercers talking to each other and supporting each other than ever before!

Far from being able to sit back and pat ourselves on the back, we now have the difficult job of filling the void that HABIA have left. They had spotted an opportunity, a loop hole that is there ready to be exploited. If we don?t close that loop hole and protect ourselves now, someone else will very soon try again. Who knows? time we may not be so successful.

So, amongst a lot of other things, we are setting our own standards. Standards that most of us already work to but that are not recognised by the authorities or the public. Standards that are devised and written by those who know what they should be and who work with them on a daily basis. Standards that are comprehensible, workable and effective that will sort out the chaff from the wheat. Standards that will become the national, uniformed standard, that everyone will have to work too. No exceptions. It will not matter what town or county you are in. Which side of the ring road you are. If you are open for business it will be because you have met the standards properly enforced by the Environmental Health Departments and created by the TPI.

If you are not already a member, join up now. Get involved with protecting your industry. If you are a member already then thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for helping, supporting, trusting and having faith. We could not have done it with out you. We sincerely hope you continue to be a member always and will continue to spread the word to those who have yet to join. There are still some myths and fears to dispel but we?re getting there and we will succeed.

There are many, many more reasons to become involved with the TPI. We have lots of plans. Read on, join up and find out more.

Remember, the beauty of a union is that together we are a force to be reckoned with and can protect ourselves, each other and our industry from any influence or threat that may come along, whether to just one of us or as a whole industry, while still retaining our individuality as artists, our independence of being our own bosses or studio owners and our freedom of speech while having to answer to no one. Not one person or group has any more say than any other. One individual artist carries the same weight as any other multi studio owner. One person, one vote. Every voice is not only heard but more importantly, listened to.

The Overall Aims Of The TPIU

  • to become the recognised association representing the individual TPI workers
  • to make sure TPI workers have a voice and open a dialogue with other professional groups within the industry
  • to educate and inform each other on issues specific to our profession
  • to raise standards in the industry through information, discussion and persuasion
  • to develop a network of TPI across the industry who can offer their services

Our Committee

The TPIU is led by an annually elected committee who carry forward the work and ideas the membership bring to them, as well as working with public health and government departments to ensure that the tattooing and piercing industry is not overrun with unworkable and impractical rules and regulations, but to ensure that industry experience is at the centre of any plans. The committee for 2013/14 is:

  • President: Rik Stevens
  • Vice-President: Cilla North
  • Treasurer: Chris Bloomfield
  • Secretary: Caz Old
  • Press Officer: Chic Child